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Chainsaw Micro Mill $329.99USD

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The Original
Accutech's Micro Mill

Within minutes of receiving the Chainsaw Micro-Mill you will be completing complex projects in record time and with greater accuracy. With an almost non-existent learning curve, the Micro-Mill allows you to cut precision window and door openings and customise timbers and lumber with a skill and ease no other device can match.

Accutech is so confident in this extraordinary product that we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. See for yourself why professionals and hobbyists alike swear by the Chainsaw Micro Mill portable chainsaw mill!

Typical set up with 2" x 6"

Cut dimensional lumber  with a  2 x 6
Cut dimensional lumber with a 2 x 6

Square timbers accurately
Square timbers accurately

The legend... B. Allen Mackie
The legend... B. Allen Mackie makes a vertical cut

Chainsaw Micro Mill - Product Specs

* Fits any size chainsaw
* Only weighs 5 lbs.
* Limited lifetime warranty on all parts
* 30 day money back guarantee
* Precision machined
* Convenient handle for cutting or carrying
* Allen key provided
* Patented clamping system allows you to clamp securely anywhere on the cutting bar with no drilling.
* Cast aluminium bearing housing
* Cast aluminium micro-clamp
* Rotates 360° on sealed precision bearings
* Helicoils for thread durability
* Fits a dressed 2" x 6"